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Fire Shift Bid automates your manual seniority based bid process. Personnel interact with our interface to choose their preferred shift based on their title or job function. Bidders receive automated phone, SMS and email notifications. We make sure they abide by your policies while you sit back and watch it happen.

It doesn't matter if you are on a Kelly work schedule or 24/48 with sister stations with a six month switch.  We can provide you with a system that will work for any agency and schedule.


Quick Configuration

Follow our 6 easy steps and be up and running in under an hour.
Setup your agency's titles, locations, shifts, users, seniority and other settings using our guided task list.



Do you spend hours calling your department's personnel to retrieve their bid preference? Fire Shift Bid allows users to bid on open shifts by clicking on their own real-time schedule, eliminating manual intervention by administrative staff.

Mass Notifications

Need to quickly notify a select group of personnel based on skillset for an overtime slot or department call-out? Fire Shift Bid allows you to automatically send SMS, voice or emails to groups of individuals based on your own criteria.

Ready "Out of the Box"

Our solution is ready to implement; import your users, customize your bid settings, and schedule your bidding window.

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Easily associate stations with shifts, locations, and personnel types. Make changes to your personnel seniority by dragging and dropping users to their appropriate position. See what shifts are available for your job title, and how many slots remain in the bid for each shift.

Customer Testimonials

Golder Ranch Fire District

William Howe

Smooth and allows to see what's available.

Albuquerque Fire Department

Brian Glenn

A well thought out program, making it a lot easier to bid.

Golder Ranch Fire District

Ronnie Peterson

I really liked the way it plays out and that you can see where everyone bids.

Fire Shift Bid

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